Paint Portraits

Sarah (2012)

Carissa and Benjamin (2011)

I paint a lot of Mosers.

Sad Chad (2010)
because sometimes you are so beautiful when you are sad.

Johnny and Kat (2010)
This Rousseau-inspired portrait is of my brother and his wife.


Bird Face (2010)
It might make you feel weird to have a portrait of yourself in your house. If so, I can paint you with a mask on. I like masks.


Ali (2009)

Sara (2008)

Mammom (2008)
This is my Grandma, Ruth. I don’t like painting people posing.  My grandma’s expression here is one of her classic “ooooh! I don’t BELIEVE that!” faces.

Self Portrait
Self Portrait II (2008)

IMG_7256 small

Veronique (2008)
A portrait of my cousin.

Carissa (2008)
Carissa is one of my soul mates. I LOVE her.  So when her husband Ben asked me if I would paint her as a Christmas present, I was totally stoked. This is a fingerpainting done with acrylics.

Jeff, Holly and Moeimg_6961

Jeff, Holly and Moe (2008)
This was a commissioned piece by my friend Ellen, of her brother Jeff and his wife Holly (and their cat Moe). They supplied me with a disk of pictures, and I went through them and put this together. They actually don’t have any birds- I added those as an afterthought because I thought the painting looked too serious.

Jeff and Holly 2jeff and holly 1

Jeff, Holly and Moe (Part II)
So, it is very important to me that you actually LIKE the painting I paint for you. In this case, Ellen thought the one with the birds was a bit much. So I painted them another one. No worries. At right, the same painting with 3D detachable elements that you can move around on the painting.

Niky in the City (2008)

Self portrait 2

Self Portrait I (2007)
This is a self portrait I did channeling the artistic style of Aaron Kraten. The painting depicts my love/hate relationship with plants.


Ellen and Adam (2007)


Sarah and Kevin (2007)
This was as special anniversary commission from Sarah to her husband, Kevin. She wanted a painting that incorporated India and the poet Pablo Neruda.

Kevin and Popsicle (2006)
I never said that the natural faces people make are flattering.  I thought that this was a great picture of Kevin eating a popscicle. But he hated it.

joy and hamish
Hamish and Joy (2006)


Rats Eat My Face (2006)
This is an example of one of the more constructive ways I deal with heartbreak. This drawing depicts a breakup I experienced in 2006.  It was done using a combination of sketching and photoshop.

One Response to “Paint Portraits”

  1. Hey Nicole…I met you today in atlanta…spsu…
    anyway…I had to leave a comment after seeing your work…YOU ARE SUPER TALENTED!!!
    I loved each and everyone of your paintings…..

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